Slice & Dice Reroll Cantrip Probability

Once again I have been playing a lot of Slice & Dice lately, and decided to share a few more probability tables for the game. If you want to learn more about Slice & Dice, my previous probability tables, and how to use them, check out my previous post where I shared the initial tables I had made. This time I’ve made some tables for scenarios that include heroes with Reroll Cantrips — faces that, when rolled, allow you to reroll all of your dice additional times. Having a hero with a reroll cantrip in your party increases the probability that all of your other heroes will roll their best sides. …

Slice & Dice: Single-Dice Probability

Single-Dice Probability in Slice & Dice

I’ve been playing a lot of Slice & Dice lately, a game where all of the heroes and enemies are defined by a 6-sided dice, a health total, and sometimes a spell or passive ability. Your party is made up of five heroes, each with a general role, who each roll their dice every turn, … Read more

Brogue Ascension Streak Summary: Ascension #4

Brogue Streak Summary: Ascension #4

This run was nearly lost from very early on, as I almost died to a double jackal pack on D3. When I saw them, I first yolo-equipped a rapier, thinking it to be the safest play (which is probably still true), but it turned out to be cursed.  I then quaffed a random potion and … Read more

Patreon Announcement

tonehack now has a Patreon!

I now have a Patreon! This will be the best way to support my channels and other roguelike-related projects going forward! You can learn more at my Patreon page here: There are currently three polls active for subscribers if you’d like to vote on what videos I’ll be doing for YouTube next. And more … Read more

Brogue Streak Summary: Ascensions #1, #2, #3

I’ve been playing Brogue again recently, and this time I decided to try something a little different — I had seen some discussion about fairness and luck in the game, and how often a game is winnable, so I thought I’d play some games with the goal to just win the run: simply escaping with … Read more

tonehack Custom Rift Wizard Tileset

With the full release of Rift Wizard onto Steam this week, I’d like to share two custom tilesets that I collaborated with k.hoops to create. The “Rift Rogue” tileset features my twitch channel mascot, the Rogue, as the player-character sprite. The “Salt Wizard” is a goofier take on the character, which features them doing the … Read more

Launching the Official Tonehack Site!

Welcome to my new site! This has been in the works for a long time and it’s nice to see something tangible coming together! Things should be pretty simple right now and this is all very much a work in progress, but now that it’s been launched it will be much easier to for me … Read more