Ascension Run 004: Roguelike Celebration 2021 feat. Alexei Pepers & Travis Moy

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Tone is joined by Roguelike Celebration organizers Alexei Pepers and Travis Moy to discuss the recent Roguelike Celebration 2021 event! They talk about the event itself and their experiences transitioning from a live event to an online conference, the unique online social space where the conference takes place, the organizer and volunteer experience, and they also discuss several of the event’s talks at length.


Roguelike Celebration Website

Roguelike Celebration 2021 Full Talks Playlist

Roguelike Celebration Contact Email:

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Alexei Pepers on Twitter

Alexei’s Jemjammer Podcast

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    • Hi! Sorry I missed your comment earlier — the Shattered Pixel Dungeon part is a discussion about a very good talk that the game’s developer Evan gave at Roguelike Celebration.


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