Ascension Run 003: Rift Wizard w/ developer Dylan White

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Tone is joined by Rift Wizard developer Dylan White to discuss the game and its recent release. Rift Wizard is a traditional roguelike where you play as a wizard with access to a huge selection of spells to customize your build. They discuss Dylan’s background, Rift Wizard’s core mechanics, player agency, designing spells in roguelikes, the Early Access experience, and more!

You can find Rift Wizard on Steam:

Also apologies to K. Hoops for characterizing Dylan as the “sole” developer at the beginning, but K. Hoops contributed the awesome art and music to the game!


Tone’s custom Rift Wizard tileset:

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6 thoughts on “Ascension Run 003: Rift Wizard w/ developer Dylan White”

  1. Great podcast. I’ve been checking for new episodes quite frequently, haha. Also, how do you submit to Mail Demon? I submitted something but don’t know if it went through.

    • Hey Goose! It’s great to hear you are liking the show! There should be a new episode up in a week or so 😉

      I did get your mail! I didn’t read any last episode because we already had such a long episode with Dylan. I have a feeling the next episode will be too full for mail as well, I may have to start doing episodes just for listener questions 🙂 I haven’t played TOME4 yet myself which is probably why it hasn’t come up on the show yet, but it’s definitely one of those that I’ll have to get around to eventually! I’m definitely factoring in how much people seem to want to see more talk about certain games on the show into how I prioritize checking out new games now, so hopefully I’ll get experience with it sooner than later!

      Thanks again!


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