Ascension Run 002: Tactics for Days feat. mtf | Cogmind, Jupiter Hell, and more!

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Tone is joined by roguelikes discord admin mtf as they use their recent experiences playing Cogmind and Jupiter Hell as a lens to inspect and discuss a number of roguelike- and gaming-related topics! Topics include difficulty options in games, popular meta strategies, using consumables and resources, playing to win vs. for fun, crafting mechanics, multiplayer roguelikes, transferrable roguelike skills, and preventing repetitive strain injuries while gaming. They also cover recent events in the community and answer some listener questions!


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2 thoughts on “Ascension Run 002: Tactics for Days feat. mtf | Cogmind, Jupiter Hell, and more!”

  1. Hate Crafting too and was always a fan when developers minimizes or make the crafting optional for their game. Will note that Wayward also has a good tutorial system for its crafting which helps you get into its systems.

    • I actually got into Wayward myself earlier this year and really enjoy that game! I didn’t run into the same sort of frictions that I do in a lot of crafting/survival games; the UI for crafting items really helps make the whole process quick and painless.


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