Ascension Run 004: Roguelike Celebration 2021 feat. Alexei Pepers & Travis Moy

Tone is joined by Roguelike Celebration organizers Alexei Pepers and Travis Moy to discuss the recent Roguelike Celebration 2021 event! They talk about the event itself and their experiences transitioning from a live event to an online conference, the unique online social space where the conference takes place, the organizer and volunteer experience, and they also discuss several of the event’s talks at length.

Ascension Run 003: Rift Wizard w/ developer Dylan White

Tone is joined by Rift Wizard developer Dylan White to discuss the game and its recent release. Rift Wizard is a traditional roguelike where you play as a wizard with access to a huge selection of spells to customize your build. They discuss Dylan’s background, Rift Wizard’s core mechanics, player agency, designing spells in roguelikes, the Early Access experience, and more!

tonehack Custom Rift Wizard Tileset

With the full release of Rift Wizard onto Steam this week, I’d like to share two custom tilesets that I collaborated with k.hoops to create. The “Rift Rogue” tileset features my twitch channel mascot, the Rogue, as the player-character sprite. The “Salt Wizard” is a goofier take on the character, which features them doing the … Read more

NetHack Q&A: Single-Target Genocide

Question: Why did you decide to genocide master mind flayers there instead of liches? Answer: I think that was a single-monster genocide from a throne or something. Master mind flayer is my usual choice for those single-target genocides. Master liches and arch-liches are the primary reason for genociding liches, since they have annoying covetous movement … Read more

Cogmind Q&A: How to Stealth?

These Q&A posts will be relatively quick but hopefully thorough answers to questions I receive through discord, twitter, reddit, email, contact form, during streams, or anywhere else! Where there is interest I’ll return to these types of posts and polish them up to turn into guides. Question: How to stealth? Just bought the game and … Read more